Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Transforming a group of people into an effective team.

A team is a group of people focused on a common goal, where each individual adjust his actions, habits, and work preferences to achieve the group’s common goal.

The team effectiveness depends on the team members’ ability to work together. Perhaps, the team effectiveness is directly related to the group ability to make best usage of the individuals’ capabilities.

Retrospectives are recurring meetings with a clear goal: improving the team effectiveness. Over time, the group tunes up their ability to work together. Group’s disagreements are discussed. Individual capabilities rise up. The group continuously seeks the best balance for everyone’s contribution towards a common goal.

A group of people does not turn into a team from night to day. Agile retrospectives are a great way for groups of people to improve their way of working. On this blog you will find several activities and sequences to get your team started on this practice.

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